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The Links

I have been playing golf since my Grandad taught me when I was nine years old. Granted I haven’t played consistently in those years, and don’t claim to be a great golfer, but it is something that I have a great interest in anyway. I have always connected hiking and camping with photography, and photography with many other things, but for some reason there was a mental wall between golf and photography. That is until one day when I was driving to work past Hyland Hills Golf Course; the fog had settled in since the previous day and night had been cold and rainy, and the morning was clear and gorgeous. I as I was looking out the window at the course zipping by at 45 mph, it struck me to stop and take a couple photos. I was not disappointed, the light was brilliantly warm and seemed to hang in the air with the fog. But by the time I got to a place to park, gathered my gear and walked to the spot I had seen from the road, a lot of the fog had dissipated. But there was enough left to get some good clicks from. A similar thing happened to me this morning driving to the bank, and saw a photographic opportunity at the Broadlands Golf Course, not even a half mile from my house. Check it out!

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