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Recently, someone said to me “You haven’t updated you website for a while,” to which I responded; “I have a website? Oh, yeah! I do!” In the past FIVE MONTHS (!) I have barely had time to even think about picking up my camera, let alone get out and shoot with it! Though photographic inspiration was running low, working my ass off didn’t help matters either. Earlier in the year I had tried to plan multiple photo trips, all of which never happened for varying reasons, among them were Colorado wildflowers, as well as Fall Colors. All that could be managed for Fall Colors was a day hike up to the Indian Peaks, which I have to say, produced excellent photographic results, as well as just being an absolutely gorgeous autumn day in the mountains. Though I have visited this exact location numerous times, this time there was a photo everywhere I looked all day long. We took a couple different trails in order to get a bit of a different perspective, with our main destination being Isabelle Glacier, an 8 mile round trip from the Long Lake trail head. Well, I’m also a bit out of practice writing as well, so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves now…

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