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Play Ball!

I love baseball. There just isn’t more to it than that. Ever since my Dad and I went to the the Denver Zephyrs back in the ’80’s and played catch in the backyard, I’ve loved the game. While I watch the games on TV, there is just something more special about being at the ball park; makes you feel involved in the game in a sense. I also had this rosy view since my buddies and I were on the club level at Coors Field, where the ushers open doors for you, and even take your food and drink orders (!) while you sit in a PADDED seat and watch the game. I couldn’t resist bringing my camera and making some images, all the while realizing that sports photography and wildlife photography are very similar in many aspects; you have to wait for that ‘peak of action’ moment, long lenses, fast shutter speeds, and infinite amounts of PATIENCE (which I lack). But even for the impatient, the perfect moments still show up from time to time. Now, back to baseball; I have been a fan of the Atlanta Braves since the ’91 World Series. I watched them lose the World Series to the damn NY Yankees too many times, though my focus in the recent years has been the Rockies especially so since TBS stopped airing Braves games on cable. Though to see my teams play each other on a particularly nice Tuesday evening, re-kindled my love of the game even more. I would have been happy with either team winning, but the Rockies pulled it off to win 5-4. Here’s the actual results of the game.